Take OFF Challenge
Competition Guidelines

Do you want to take control of your savings? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? If so, it’s time to challenge yourself.

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, OIC is hosting a savings competition between Team Billionaire vs Team Empire to kick off the Take O.F.F. (Our Financial Freedom) Challenge.

This competition can be the first step to helping you create the foundation for your savings to “take off”. Challenge yourself, and then challenge your friends and family to do the same!


1. Set your financial goals
     ● Pay yourself first
2. Assess your financial situation: Figure your wants vs needs
     ● Know your expenses: know what comes in and goes out your wallet
     ● Create a monthly budget
     ● Cut down your wants: ex. cancelling the gym membership you do not use
     ● Re-evaluate your needs: ex. pack lunch vs purchasing fast food everyday
3. Post your savings on social media with #30daysavings
4. Check your progress: see how much your savings balance has grown from when you first started this challenge
     ● Are you on track towards your financial goal?
6. For your savings to contribute to your team’s total savings, you must submit your receipt or a picture as proof of your savings to your team leader- Christian Collada or Anthony Rubio.

Tips for finding savings:
● Cancelling a gym membership that you never use
● Find less expensive options for your daily expenses (ex. if you purchase Starbucks every day, buy
coffee from a less expensive coffee shop or brew coffee at home or work)
● Download savings apps to help track your progress
● Set up an automatic deposit to your savings account
● Make it fun by challenging someone and see who can save more.
● Use a coupon when making a purchase